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Poppy Amber Rose is an artist and fashion designer, her unique and imaginative creations are predominantly a celebration of people, nature, and popular culture expressed through her exceptional eye for colour, texture, and pattern.

​Poppy's second love is music, with a lucrative DJ career spanning over 25 years. This has been another major influence on her artistic exploration and is apparent in many of her works.

​Poppy's vibrant nature and warm heart shine from her sweet and soulful style, allowing her playful imagination and whimsical way to flow effortlessly. Intricate interpretations invite viewers into visual bliss, becoming curiouser and curiouser the deeper they gaze.

​ The dominant theme's in Poppy's process is the fascinating fusion of street culture within enchanting earthy visions, mostly portraying her subjects laden with beautiful plant forms, exotic flowers, and technicolor insects.

Poppy studied Textiles and Fashion at Glasgow School of Art in the '90s, taking the bold decision to leave in 3rd year to pursue an ever-growing career as a stylist, DJ, and installation artist – never to look back. Visionary thinking, Innovation, and an ability to carve new artistic paths continue to direct her creative campaigns.

At present Poppy's main design focus is on her fashion and home furnishing line, cleverly incorporating narratives from her artworks. Her amazing eye for colour and trend forecasting keeps her ahead of her game, producing unique collections that captivate her audience.

​" I am very passionate about our planet and have a natural infinity with animals, hence all my products are vegan and kind to the environment. So many creative processes rob the resources of the earth that's why I pledge to plant a tree with every purchase. Donating to the trees for life foundation in Scotland. A wonderful project very close to my heart working to revitalize wild forests in the highlands and reintroducing native species." 

​"I feel so fortunate to have had the great privilege of traveling the world, spending long periods in Thailand, Spain, Australia, India, and Africa. This has been a great source of inspiration for me, immersing myself in rich cultures, cultivating local crafts whilst learning about the old ways of being from amazing tribes who remain connected to our precious earth. These experiences have opened my eyes and my heart to the importance of creating beauty without expense to the planet."

Having a colourful career in the arts for nearly 3 decades Poppy’s visionary quest carried her through an array of artistic endeavors, including elaborate exhibitions of flamboyant fashion, seductive styling, innovative club costumes, and interactive installations.


Poppy has finally put her roots down in the vibrant and cultural city of Glasgow, where she is currently directing and curating her Gallery and Boutique. Also passing on her skills and experience to budding artists through innovative painting and life drawing events fused with her colourful life journey...


seduced by style... Inspired by nature... made with love